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NVIDIA Networking Ethernet with Proof of Concept Offers

Proof of Concept Bundles are designed to prove the performance and value of NVIDIA Networking Ethernet. If you are new to NVIDIA Networking or looking to increase the speed of your existing NVIDIA network, these offers are designed just for you. Order, connect, experience.

Ethernet Switch Proof of Concept Bundles

Try an end-to-end SN2100 Ethernet Bundle to see speeds up to 100GbE in your network. This lab ready bundle is a low cost entry point to try NVIDIA Networking Ethernet.

Bundle Highlights:
  • Supports up to 100GbE network
  • Everything you need to test in your lab
  • Lowest latency and zero packet loss
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Ethernet Adapter Card Proof of Concept Bundles

The ConnectX-4 Proof of Concept Offer allows you to buy two qualified adapter cards at special pricing. Available in a wide range of speeds - 25, 40, 40/56, 50 or 100GbE.

Key Benefits:
  • Cutting-edge performance in virtualized overlay networks
  • Efficient I/O consolidation, lowering data center costs and complexity
  • Power efficiency
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