Mellanox Ethernet Licensing

Accelerating Applications Across Different Networks with Mellanox Gateway Systems

Built with Mellanox's SwitchX®-based switches, the InfiniBand to Ethernet gateway software license, or system, provides full port flexibility to choose between 56Gb/s InfiniBand to either 10, 40 and 56Gb/s Ethernet with low 400ns latency.

Together with Mellanox's ConnectX®-3 VPI interconnect adapters, IT managers can rely on Mellanox as the most efficient end-to-end interconnect solution provider for their unified and flexible InfiniBand and Ethernet data center.

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Ethernet Licensing

Mellanox SUP-LIC-FAB-INSP-1S SILVER 1 YEAR Support for LIC-Fabric-Inspector
$21.00 $13.00
Mellanox SUP-LIC-FAB-INSP-3S SILVER 3 YEAR Support for LIC-Fabric-Inspector
$54.00 $33.00
Mellanox SUP-LIC-FAB-INSP-4S SILVER 4 YEAR Support for LIC-Fabric-Inspector
$75.00 $45.00
Mellanox SUP-LIC-FAB-INSP-5S SILVER 5 YEAR Support for LIC-Fabric-Inspector
$90.00 $54.00

Mellanox Technologies provides a one-year limited hardware warranty on new Ethernet Licensing purchased from Mellanox Store. We provide international shipping to over 220 countries and free ground shipping within the US for all orders over $499. Contact a Mellanox specialist for help with Mellanox Ethernet Licensing or other Mellanox products.