BlueField SmartNICs

High Performance Smart Ethernet Network Adapter Cards

Combining Arm processing power with advanced network and storage offloads to accelerate a multitude of security, networking and storage applications with world-leading performance, flexibility and efficiency.

The NVIDIA BlueField SmartNIC features the BlueField Data Processing Unit (DPU) — an innovative and high performance programmable networking engine. Providing unmatched scalability and efficiency, the dual-port BlueField SmartNIC is the ideal adapter to accelerate the most demanding workloads in data center, cloud, service provider and storage environments. BlueField SmartNICs comes in different speeds, numbers of CPU cores and PCIe widths—from dual-port 25GbE PCIe Gen4 x8 to dual-port 100GbE PCIe Gen4 x16, supporting 4/8/16 Arm cores.

BlueField SmartNICs Product Brief