NVIDIA Networking Spectrum-2 SN3000 Open Ethernet Switches. Industry Leading Data Center Focused Features, Performance, Scale and Visibility

The SN3000 Ethernet switches are ideal for leaf and spine data center network solutions, allowing maximum flexibility, with port speeds spanning from 1GbE to 400GbE per port and port density that enables full rack connectivity to any server at any speed. Powered by the 50G PAM-4 based Spectrum-2 ASIC, the SN3000 series carries a whopping bidirectional switching capacity of up to 12.8Tb/s with a landmark 8.33Bpps packet processing rate.

Purpose built for the modern datacenter, the SN3000 switches combine high performance packet processing, rich datacenter features, cloud network scale and visibility with flexible form factors.

SN3000 Product Brief