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Mellanox ConnectX-5 VPI

Certified Refurbished ConnectX®-5 Single/Dual-Port Adapter supporting 100Gb/s with VPI

Intelligent RDMA-enabled network adapter card with advanced application offload capabilities for High-Performance Computing, Web2.0, Cloud and Storage platforms.

Mellanox Certified Refurbished Equipment (MCRE) goes through rigorous re-manufacturing, testing, and certification process. Current line MCRE carries the same warranty and support options as new Mellanox equipment. All MCRE includes a 30-day DOA warranty. Support contracts, training, and additional upgrades are also available for purchase on eligible products.

ConnectX-5 VPI Product Brief

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ConnectX-5 VPI

Mellanox Certified Refurbished MCX555A-ECAT ConnectX-5 VPI Adapter Card EDR IB (100Gb/s) and 100GbE Single-Port QSFP28
£901.14 £399.99
Mellanox Certified Refurbished MCX556A-ECAT ConnectX-5 VPI Adapter Card EDR IB (100Gb/s) and 100GbE Dual-Port QSFP28
£1,081.80 £481.72
Mellanox Certified Refurbished MCX556A-EDAT ConnectX-5 Ex VPI Adapter Card EDR IB (100Gb/s) and 100GbE Dual-Port QSFP28 PCIe4.0 x16
£1,352.07 £602.16

Mellanox Technologies provides a one-year limited hardware warranty on new ConnectX-5 VPI purchased from Mellanox Store. We provide international shipping to over 220 countries and free ground shipping within the US for all orders over $499. Contact a Mellanox specialist for help with Mellanox ConnectX-5 VPI or other Mellanox products.