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Mellanox Spectrum SN2100 Ethernet
Proof of Concept Bundle

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SN2100 Ethernet Proof of Concept Bundles are designed to prove the performance and value of Mellanox Ethernet

New to Mellanox? Looking to increase the speed of your existing Mellanox network? Using Mellanox InfiniBand, but want to try Ethernet? Introducing a complete end-to-end Ethernet bundle featuring Spectrum SN2100, up to 100GbE Ethernet. A lab ready, low-cost entry point to world-class, high speed Ethernet performance. Experience higher data speeds, lowest latency, and zero packet loss. See this gear first hand in your environment.


  • Low cost of entry to the Mellanox line
  • Supports up to 100GbE network
  • Everything you need to test in your lab

Why Mellanox?

  • The only vendor selling end-to-end Ethernet Connectivity solutions – Adapters, Switches, Cables, Software, and Support
  • The Mellanox difference is in the chip. Founded as a state-of-the-art silicon chip (ASIC) manufacturer, Mellanox designs and builds their intelligent ASICs that power the switches, adapters, and cables.
  • Systems built to maximize datacenter connectivity ROI through density, scale, and performance with the smallest footprint and lowest power consumption.
  • Open Ethernet with a choice of Network OS.

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